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At the reception Diffuso Socchieve "Col Gentile." is available the route map of the town.

Without leaving the district of Socchieve, is already possible to take a pleasant and healthy walk, in a peaceful natural and human context. We have selected for you 4 different routes, that can be started from your residence.

Loop of the Villages

From the village of Lungis you follow a part of the Nagri's path, until you reach the meadow of Chialaria and the hamlet of Frizzon; going ahead on the road of the aqueduct, you'll get to Feltrone. At the lower part of the town there's a path that leads to the village of Dilignidis, beyond which, shortly after passing by the church, you will find the cobblestone of Pecol that leads to Viaso. Continuing on the asphalt road, next to a Cross, you turn left at the path called Dàs Vàls that will take you to Mediis. Following the road that leads to Ampezzo, and turning right at the bridge of Lumiei, you will reach the small hamlet of Siega, and so going up the path of Lungjania, you will return to the start point of Lungis.

Loop of Fondas

From the village of Viaso you can go down to the Dusili stream on a comfortable mule track, you will pass by the ruins of the Baldo mill and going ahead toward north you will reach the asphalt road that connects the towns of Feltrone and Enemonzo. In a few steps you will get to the terracing of Feltrone from where, going towards east on a comfortable path, you'll go down to the Filuvigna stream, passing by the homonym village. Following the n° 1 Mountain Bike course you will leave behind a ruined house and continuing on the second MTB course you will return to Viaso through a meadow.


From the town of Viaso following a mule track that twist and turn to south until the SS. 52 reaching the village of Socchieve. Continuing on the main road to Enemonzo, shortly before the crossroads that leads to Preone, you turn left and continue first on a dirty route and then on the tracks of the path. From there you will pass through a fir-wood and keeping the left side you will first get to an old route of connection and then a small path that will lead you to the starting point.

Lumiei- “colony of Nonta”

From Nonta, the smaller village from the district, a peaceful walk begins on the bank of the (almost always) dry Lumiei stream. Going out of the town, heading to Mediis, on the left there a path that leads to the colony where, in the 1930-1940, when the water freely flowed , many kids use to come to refresh themselves on their summer vacations. Moving on you'll arrive to Balòt, where in the postwar period there was a carpentry, a mill, a dance room and a cinema. Leaving on the right the building in ruins, and continuing over, you will shortly arrive at a pleasant sporting area, with a football field and other services for kids recreation.
Continuing in Socchieve's direction, but on the other bank of the stream, you will see various fortifications placed side by side. Before reaching Socchieve, nearby the Puart das boras, turning left and following the bed of the stream, you will get to an old route that brings you back to the starting place.

The description of the routes was extract form the tourist web site of the district of Socchieve, where you can easily find others interesting trekking routes for exploring the region. The path are accessible with caution and except in case of problems that may develop in the meantime. The nature you will see is also your friend, so be kind with her.